Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love, Mom

Sometimes, this mother/daughter thing isn’t so easy. Personalities, hormones and tempers flare; a high tide washing over deep love.

She started out in life fighting; fighting to breathe, to grow and to stay alive while we prayed and stood watch. Watching, believing and waiting for God to move. She was our baby girl. He had to save her.

Praise God - He did.

We’ve had moments, storms and victories, memories along the way that steel the breath and bring the tears. Rejoicing over all the “firsts’ thus far and anticipating the ones yet to come.

It all flashes by, the years revealed in the flutter of graduation gowns and in promises held for the future.

I’m thanking God today for my daughter; for her spirit, her fire, her dreams, her beautiful smile…and her life.

Congratulations to you, Elise
Love, Mom

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2012!
Be safe and be blessed!


  1. And, I'm thanking God that I've had the privilege to spend a little time getting to know her as well! A job well done Mom!
    Love to you both my friend,

  2. Oh, so beautiful Debbie! Congratulations Elise!

    On a side note... I've not been here in awhile I guess... your site has changed! Really nice and so unique! Blessings!

  3. I love this Debbie. It gives me hope in a home with three crazy girls!:)) Having met you, I'm guessing you are one amazing mama!!



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