Sunday, December 30, 2012

Give Thanks...and Repeat!

Sometimes, when it rains on your parade…or your party…or your wedding…OR your computer…all you can do is splash in the puddles.

Or add to that puddle with your own tears as I have the past couple of days.

I learned this truth recently when I lost a HUGE file I’d been working on for the past month or so. I’d put countless hours into it, finished everything down to the last detail and was ready to print.

But in an instant…gone! Lost! Tossed to oblivion never to be found again!  

I’m trying very hard to see the blessing in my situation. I’m trying to read into some sort of lesson in all of this. But I suppose it doesn’t really matter whether I understand it or not. God doesn’t owe me an explanation – I simply owe HIM my trust and my thanks…and start over, however painful and laborious that may be.
Give thanks in all circumstances and pray
without ceasing….and repeat!

For some reason, this scenario reminds me of growing up with horses. Out of our five, one was a stubborn little pony - very headstrong and didn’t like to be ridden. She’d bloat up when I saddled her and tightened the cinch only to pick some random spot in the pasture to buckle her legs and roll over with me still in the saddle! More than once I had to bail off to avoid being crushed. But I learned early on  that each time, it was necessary to take charge, to pull her back up on all fours, get back up in that saddle and start over until she did it right.

That whole scene happened THEN so I could draw from it NOW. That’s how God works.

Sometimes, I can get so involved in something that I overlook God’s bigger picture. Do you ever do that?

I believe there’s something to be gleaned from every situation, including this one. That certain “Aha!” moment when God’s hand becomes visible in the middle of our groaning and we realize why it had to come to pass. Why ALL that work was necessary only to be repeated for a bigger purpose.

Sometimes it’s like God says “Nope. You didn’t quite get all I wanted you to out of that experience. It’s time to go back to the drawing board and start over – trust me."
And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)
 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. (Proverbs 3:6)
Be Blessed
today and Everyday,



  1. "That whole scene happened THEN so I could draw from it NOW. That’s how God works." Very true, Debbie and, like your experience with the uncooperative horse, you may not know how God will use this time until much later. But, as our daughter reminded us last year, "God doesn't waste our suffering." Something good is coming your way :) Our faith is never wasted either. Praying all goes smoothly as you rebuild the disappearing issue. Hugs ...

  2. Debbie, I've been thinking about this ever since it popped into my inbox. I'm so sorry you lost that file. Oh, I felt sick for you when I read it.

    If it helps in the tiniest bit, you made sense of a situation that I was sick of even thinking of. Something happened over Christmas, nothing terrible, just something I thought God was using as faith-building for someone I know. So, I prayed and prayed, just certain I knew how it would all end - beautifully - and this person would have their faith made stronger.

    Well, go figure! God used it to build my faith and didn't wrap it all up with a bow...rather left things sort of hanging. What??? Um, God, that wasn't what I was expecting!

    Thank you for this post...I really, really needed it.

  3. Good Morning, Debbie!

    I felt your pain as I read about the loss of the project. After reading your post this morning, I understood even more.It seems our thoughts are on the same page, sometimes finding that silver lining becomes a quest. I thought of your new laptop, what a blessing! You must have needed it. God knows! God bless you this year and all that the Lord calls you to do. <3



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